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jquery divGrow V1.3.2 – minor fixes

Fixes issues with non ‘div’ based containers.

See plugin page for full instructions:


jQuery popBox v1.3.0 release

popBox V1.3.0 release:

  • Issue with scrollable pages fixed.
  • Adds border shadow for browsers which support it.

Download here:

Demo here:

jQuery vScroll v1.2.0 released – multiple instance support + cycle feature

jQuery vScroll v1.2.0 released:

  • Includes support for multiple instances on a page.
  • Passing in of height atttribute for container.
  • Cycle feature to return to first item when last item reached.

Plugin Page Link

Download here:

Demo here:

!Important: If moving from a previous version to v1.2.0 you must pass in the height you want the container to be as a plugin option.

jQuery divGrow v1.3.1 released

divGrow version 1.3.1 released. Minor update but allows any HTML content to be used for the show/hide more buttons.

Thanks for the suggestion from Cool_s 🙂

Download from here:

See here for info on how to use:

jQuery vScroll plugin updated v1.1.0

This release fixes an issue found in IE7.

Release here ->

Demo here ->

Feedback is appreciated, this is where open source works, the plugin’s are free to use but developers get the testing coverge they need to rework back into their own commercial projects 🙂

jQuery divGrow v1.3.0 in use on

The jquery divGrow v1.3.0 plugin has been used on this site –

Take a look 🙂

jQuery divGrow plugin updated – 1.3.0

Plugin has been updated. No longer need to provide the final height value using the rel= attribute, it is calculated. Also now generates W3C valid markup.

You can also specify whether or not to show the brackets (“[…]”) before the ‘more’ button using the option ‘showBrackets’.

Download from here ->

Plugin page –

Using jQuery .animate() to spice up a simple page

Here is an example of using jQuery .animate to add a bit of interest to otherwise basic pages on this site ->

One effect is used to fade in/out the background colours of the menu items creating a nice ‘trailing’ effect as you hover over them (see below).

The other effect is to animate in the images and text, also if you click on “Conservation Area – Residential” you will notice the page frame grows to fit the new image and the images change on a timer.

Just thought I would share this as an example of what can be done with a small amount of jQuery code 🙂